side of the gingerbread house

check out my cool bow

the red and green balls are christmas lights, BTW

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed my pictures of my gingerbread house. As of now, it's state is rather eaten. =) Anyways, I hope you had a great Christmas! I for sure did. Here's some of the things I got:

*Dresage horse calendar

* Word on the Street (board game)

* Puzzles

* Scrapbooking stickers

* Books

* AN AMAZON KINDLE!!!! Truth be told, I am spoiled and santa has raised the bar with gifts. ;)

It has an awesome pink case and I already had Emily ( over to play with it. I only have three books on it, but so far so good. It's also really fun playing with apps. I have doodle jump, traffic jam, and angry birds.

Christmas is fun not just because I get gifts, but I had fun with my siblings and neice. My niece has a growing vocabulary and can say 'crazy a-ti-tude'. =) Can you say adroable?

Overal, it was an awesome year and I hope that you all have an awesome 2012 coming up!



  1. That is one cool gingerbread house! They always get eaten pretty quick :P Congrats on the Kindle :) Merry (belated) Christmas! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. You got a kindle?! Luckyyyyyyyy! :)) Merry belated Christmas! Btw, the gingerbread house is way too cute :))