Read & Write

My Reading: My Mom used to joke that she wanted at least one kid who loved to read. That was before I turned to be a total bookworm. It came on slowly. As soon as I was good at reading, I took off. I remember walking around with my nose literally in a book. Whether it was a a Doctor's office, or simply around the house. I loved to read. I can be totally safe, and slay a dragon, or take off on a perilous journey to destroy a magical ring. But when I stop reading, I'm safe and sound. It's like a movie in your head! I could be jumping in a world class A rated show, or I could be racing at Saratoga atop a magnificent powerful Thoroughbred. I now have a huge Ikea book shelf that takes uo most of my wall in my bedroom. Now my Mom literally has to say, "Allyssa, stop reading!" or "You are not allowed to read until I say so"!
My Writing: It started one night. A powerful force.. an urge... to write came upon me. I, of course, was far away from home, in my uncle's cabin. It took so very long to get home, and I was scribbling ideas down a bout a girl named Anna. She was ordinary, noting specail.She had nine other siblings. {I will admit, I was very unrealistic with their life, and gave them a cool house, horse ETC.} Surely my writing was horrible, gramatical errors were common, and my writing had no paragraphs. I put every detail of every day, and did quite horrendous writing, but it was a start. I had grown a lot from then. (my one problem is run-on sentences) I turned fantasy quite recently. It was when I moved to my five acre farm. I met Nikki and Lauren. Nikki was a fantasy writer who dragged me into the world of Fantasy. {Not to say that I didn't want to try Fantasy} I now love it, and Fantasy is my main type of writing.
 And now you're up to the future. I wonder what writing lies ahead for me, and aspiring author.