friend's blogs

I will name numerous blogs from my friends, or blogs that I follow for you to check out. They'd appreciate it, and I know you'll like it.
The nerve of verve... a great blog for a crafty, or more stylish person. I love all the recipes, and hairstyles that Lauren puts up. She is a pretty frequent poster. It holds great info and you should check it out at, The Nerve of Verve
Thoughts of mine... Nikki does such a great job on this blog. It's so focused on great writing. I do not know what catergory I would put it in. It is somewhat still random, but in a very JRR Tolkien style... =) Thoughts of Mine
Ride 'em Cowgirl... I do write in this blog, but it's really good. We are focused on horses, like the title. We are cowgirls of our own style. We love anything that has to do with horses, and will write so much about horses. We search day and night for horse facts and anything else that will make a horse lover say... wow! I didn't know that! It is so much fun, and I know you'll love it. Ride 'em Cowgirl
Eventing a Gogo!... despite the name, this is by far a good blog. It's perfect for any horse lover. It's about a girl and her journey with her barefoot mare Gogo. She has wonderful style of writing, and pretty pictures of her beautiful mare. I would suggest this to anyone, not just a horse lover.  eventing a gogo
Translated and Abbreviated.... this blog is so cool. Kelley has no followers except for me, but her writing is amazing. She is in Switzerland and she writes daily about all her adventures, and they're no small laugh. I would say that this is a great blog because it is so frequently updated, and they're not usual updates like most  blogs. (Not to put down other blogs =)) Translated and Abbreviated CHECK IT OUT!
Star Song.... Great blog! Aster, Alizon and Ashley do a great job at executing their writing. It keeps me in true suspense. I would call this a great futuristic/somewhat fantasy blog. I would suggest this to anyone! Star Song is a great blog that you have to check out. I'm not kidding!
My Mind Full of Dreams.... Cx2 does such a great job. There are endless banners, polls, and lots of great posts. She puts up funny videos, and has some pretty cool pics. It's an all around great blog! She is a fantasy writer just like Nikki is, and is great at the writing she does. My Mind Full of Dreams
The Writings of an Aspiring Author... once again, Nikki, a awesome fantasy writer does such a good job on this blog. It is a fairly new, and thought provoking blog. The Writings of an Aspiring Author

I hope you check out these blogs. These are really good blogs, but I only follow ones that I like. I very strongly hope that you enjoy these and make sure to check these out!!!