These are my pictures of mostly horses, or other things. I really like to play with the camera. Enjoy!
Halloween pumpkins

Right outside my window...

Clouds....there's nothing like God's creation!

This is Stirfry. He is really sweet. This was a hrad picture to take, since he was trotting.

So... where's my treat? There was a saddle on my back, I need my treat!

This is Pepper, the well known sweetie.

He is such a cutie!

This was when we carted Pixie. This is from my point of view.
They are such posers!
I used to raise Monarch caterpillars, and hatch them. I love this picture,.
Ahhh, the first snowfall.
This is from my brothers birthday.

Me making snow angels

Snow angels

Me braving the cold

Alistar spinning

Alistar jumping

Ma jumping (And Alistar's shadow in the backround)

Me spinning!

Alistar after LOTS of swimming

Alistar running

Me running

Alistar Spinning

Alistar after spinning


Underneath the Christmas tree
Love the administrator,