Meet me

 About me:
Where do I start?
 I am a born-again Christian with a burning passion for my Lord Jesus. I love to spend time reading the bible, or scribbling a verse or two in my prayer journal. God is so good and I am so thankful for him. I want to share him to everyone, because I can't imagine Heaven without everyone in it with me! =)
I have always loved to write, and I won't get in details with you how that started, maybe later.... anyways, I love to write. I have finally gotten my own laptop, and I absolutely adore it. It is teeny, and even includes a little camera into it so I can video chat!
I am a horse lover, and that will never change. For as long as I can remember, I've loved horses. It used to be that un-realistic love that I would ride bareback on my huge black stallion off into the sunset, and galloping at that, and then I started to actually ride. I mean the hard core, learning to ride, and the transition to the reality part that I will most likely get a horse in the year. I do have two horses that I have gotten. One horse is a chestnut roan appaloosa (Spots and patches of roan-y brown) named Sierra (I fondly call her CeCe), and we also have a chestunut (brown) Foundation Quarter Horse by the name of Quincy. They are both so great in so many ways and I look forward to a long life with both of them in it. =)
I love horses because they are faithful and truthful. Horses can't hide something from you, and when their scared, they'll come out and say so. It is a challenge for a predator and a prey to not only get along but to work together as a team. You have to learn to think like a prey animal and adapt how you react to situations in order to work correctly with your horse.
I love my life because, I feel like the Lord has blessed me, and that I am really meant to be where I am in my life. I have great parents, and wonderful siblings. Sometimes they may bug me, but the pros outweigh the cons. I also love my life because of how supportive my family and friends are. Lastly, I love my life because of the way I have such great friends, and horse friends.
My family consists of my parents, my oldest sister Haley, oldest brother Jacob, second oldest brother Caleb, then comes Faye, Sam, and then me, Allyssa, the youngest of the family. Haley is so much fun and she loves to do things with me. (like taking me to the Waterpark of America!) Jacob is the realistic one who is really nice. Caleb is the crazy one, and he will do anything. He also happens to be the funnest and coolest of them all. (it's either Caleb or Haley who are the coolest) Caleb grew a 560 lb pumpkin in our garden. Caleb, Caleb, Caleb!!!! Faye is the total crafty and stylish girl. Right now her hair is black and has extensions in it but soon she it getting the extensions out, going blonde, and getting a really short, youthful hair style. Did I forget to mention that Faye is a hair stylist? Sam is the closest to my age. We will often times play with his nerf guns, but we are bickering people. Still I love him non the less. My whole family is pretty cool. Everyone gets along, and I love all the holidays because it's a blast when we're all together and playing.

I love the ways my eyes look in this pic!