Oh my word, the crazy target lady is back!! Please enjoy these videos. Sorry that I don't know how to get the video on this post. Just follow the links...=)

Sorry I put so many! =) Have an awesome Thanksgiving and good luck if you are going to Target on black friday. (I don't).


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  1. If you are using youtube, under the video there is a button that says "share", click on it and scroll a bit down. Up comes this "link to this video" you don't want that. Underneath that, there is an "embed" button, click on that. A larger code comes up. The check boxes edit the video. After you have chosen everything you want to use for the video, copy and link. Then go to blogger. In your post, up at the of the box you type in is a bunch of options. If you look on the top right, there is a tab that says "edit html" THERE you can paste the video link. Switch back to the regular typing by clicking on the "compose" button, right next to where you found the "edit hmtl" one.
    Good luck!! :)