This Season

Once upon a time, in a little town of Bethlehem, lay a baby swaddled in cloth and snuggled in a manger. There was no room for him in the inn. His parents were in Bethlehem for the cencus when he was born. This baby was named Jesus. His parent's had no idea what was in store for him...

I can't believe how much Christmas has morphed to a gift giving frenzy and us Christians are slowly neglecting the real reason Christmas. I have been trying to think of ideas that can make Christmas more Christ-based. What are you doing to make Christmas more Christ-based.

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  1. I find that it helps to seriously just keep it in mind. Instead of focusing on presents, think about the birth of our Saviour.
    Our family also has a tradition of praying before opening gifts.
    And writing a list of reasons to be thankful for Jesus instead of a Christmas list is also helpful.