Science Project

Hello! Tomorrow I have a science project due. I take a science class at a home school co-op. Here's a picture of what I have. The pictures flip up revealing facts underneath. I am seriously considering entering it in 4-H at the County Fair next year. =)
This project is all about monarch butterflies. Needless to say I really like them. When I was younger, I used to find them and capture them, putting them in a cage. It's really easy. All I need to do is give them sticks to hang on and milkweed to eat. At one point I had twenty caterpillars. =)
Anyways, check out the picture and feel free to comment!


PS.Please pray for my horse. She is sore right now... not sure why. She probably just did something rolling. It's happened before and it took around two weeks for her to get better. The soreness is in her pectoral muscles (up by her neck) and her girth area (right behind the leg). Please pray for quick healing. I want to ride her as much as possible before it gets too cold. =)


  1. You should TOTALLY enter it in 4H! My science fair projects for the past 2 years (and this year) I have entered in 4H and placed really well! You can use the board and do an "illustrated talk" with them :)
    Aww I'll be praying for your horse! :(

  2. Cool and Thanks! I had to do an illustrated talk to my class about it. Thanks for the reassurance. =)