Halloween is going to be awesome this year. I am being a hippy! Today I went to Savers with my sister and Mom to look for hippy shirts. I do Halloween with my best friend every year. Last year we were explorers. The year before we were Laura and Mary Ingals (the little house on the prairie series).
I got two totally hippy shirts plus an adorable sweater. I also got a pair of cheap flare jeans that I am going to draw flowers and peace signs on. Thrift store can really have some nice clothes hidden in all the junk, too. Anyways, here's the idea:

  • Hair in braids with a head band around my head

  • Flare jeans that have flowers and peace signs sharpied on them

  • Hippy shirts

  • Peace sign necklaces

  • Peace sign earrings

  • Peace sign drawn on my cheek

  • Tye die bag for trick-or-treating.

Soon I am going to be too old to trick or treat, so I am enjoying this while it lasts. I still need to get a pumpkin, though....



  1. Sounds like a great costume! I know consignment/thrift stores are great! I've gotten a purse and two wonderful bracelets for $2 and another time I got a sweater and tunic for $2 too!
    Thanks for following another on of blogs :) I love your layout..it makes me want a pumpkin pie :P Sierra
    Keep growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. Thanks for commenting! I like when people comment...=)